Affiliate Terms And Conditions


Thanks for being an affiliate! Here are a few things you need to know:

We track sales on an ongoing basis,  and we do our best to make sure that you get credited for your referrals, but user error happens (ie. your client clicks on the wrong link) and we unfortunately won’t be able to make any changes if your sale doesn’t get credited. The best way to avoid this is to be clear with your clients and let them know that you are an ambassador and an affiliate of the program, and that if they use your link you get a small commission. Not only is this a great way to make sure they use the correct link, but it also lets them know that if they buy, they are also eligible to become an affiliate and use our program as a way to generate income in their own business!

While we encourage you to add CBJ banners to your website,p lease don’t use our materials, brand name, likeness, or images on your own websites and pretend that it is yours. This creates market and consumer confusion (which is usually referred to as copyright or trademark infringement, and is illegal). In short: you may not present our banners or images as if they are your own on your own site’s or any other site’s. This can cause clients to opt-in thinking they are signing up to receive our communications rather than yours. Being yourself in your communications and making it clear that you are promoting material that is not your own is a best practice in running your own business. Authenticity for the win!

Please don’t spam other websites with your affiliate link. You may only share your link on your own site, on social media outlets, and in emails and personal communications with your friends and clients. No one likes a spammer.

You may not offer your customers cash incentives to purchase the CBJ program. ie. You can’t say “Hey Jill, you should totally buy this program using my link, and if you do, I’ll give you $25 off your purchase”. This is not only illegal, it is also bad karma (which is WAY worse than breaking the law, right?)

In short: please only use ethical, honest means to promote our products, or the karma police will be out to get ya!

Thanks again for helping promote our mission to help coaches build thriving businesses!